A society cannot grow without a healthy exchange of knowledge and perspectives. This is my attempt to participate.

I am an engineer and scientist by trade and background. Previously, I ran an industrial R&D team focused on language AI for contract automation. In the past I’ve worked with quantum computation, condensed matter physics, space-exploration robots, and gene sequencing devices. I’ve enjoyed diving deep into a few different fields like quantum and statistical physics, information theory, high performance computing, backend software systems, neural networks, optimization theory, and natural language processing. I was previously a co-founder and CTO of an AI startup called Anton.ai. I have a physics education and have a few publications to my name.

I’ve been deeply passionate about sports all my life. Soccer was my main pursuit as a kid up through the end of school. I turned to bouldering, snowboarding, and hiking later on, and I still enjoy all of those things as much as I can. I like good theater and film, and I’m especially fond of the ultra creative works of Hayao Miyazaki. Similar to Miyazaki, Ted Chiang is a mind-blowingly creative writer of science fiction and I count him as one of my favorites.

I really enjoy when people reach out, so drop me a line @HoddieOt or email me (it’s this domain at gmail). If you want to connect more professionally, find me on LinkedIn.