Admittedly this was a few years ago, but I have only become more dashing over time.

A society cannot grow without a healthy exchange of knowledge and perspectives. I record and share my thoughts, questions, methods, and experiences as my contribution.

Less dramatically, I am an engineer and scientist by trade. I run an industrial R&D team focused on machine learning and natural language processing for the legal technology industry. In the past I’ve worked with quantum computation, condensed matter physics, space-exploration robots, and gene sequencing devices. I’ve enjoyed diving deep into a few different fields like quantum and statistical physics, information theory, high performance computing, backend software systems, neural networks, optimization theory, and natural language processing. I was previously a co-founder and CTO of an AI startup called Anton.ai. I have a physics education and have a few publications to my name.

I’ve simultaneously managed to be a workaholic and find time for normal life. I like playing a few sports, like soccer, bouldering, snowboarding, and hiking. I enjoy eating raw fish regularly, heavy metal poisoning be damned, and love watching live theater and indie films. My favorite author of fiction right now is Ted Chiang.

If you want to get in touch, find me on Twitter or email me at hadsed at gmail. LinkedIn is also fine.